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A Tale Teller’s Life

There was a “moment” at a book-signing when a fan asked me, “Who inspired you along the way?” Well, let's see. I lived in the Bangor, Maine area for many years. Stephen King lives there. That's pretty inspiring to a writer! Evrything he writes is binge-worthy. I also tend to read anything that my eyes fall upon, so any number of distinguished literary figures could lay claim to being my inspiration, at least in part. Grishom is a favorite. I'll even confess that Jean Auel's Earth Children series is one of my guilty pleasures. I gave the question a lot of thought before I finally answered, “Ol' Dan. Yeah. Dan Fogelberg.”

Why a songwriter? Because he always had the strength and courage to lead with his heart.

My inspiration may come from something as tangible as a sad song, a broken heart (mine or another's), or intangible things such as aliens and UFOs. There's a whole world to see out there, if you just open your eyes.

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My Childhood

I grew up near Chatham, New York, not far from Woodstock, and the unorthodox thought processes of the characters that populated our part of the world were a wellspring of inspiration. Can you say, "Hippies?"

Granted, any number of them were more than half a bubble off level, but if you keep an open mind, even that can be fun and a source of inspiration. After decades of traveling the country, I’ve returned to my home area.

Books by J. M. Surra
Books by James Surra

A People Watcher

I’m a people-watcher; I always have been. On any given day, I encounter all kinds of people. Any one of them stands a good chance of ending up in the little notebook I carry in my pocket, destined for that unique moment of fame where they become one of the strange, eclectic, wonderful characters populating my books. Sometimes I ask for permission to use their names. The right name can be a powerful character-shaping tool. I recently ran into a guy named Darius Walker. Wow! Oh, yeah. I asked permission! He said yes!

In truth, Dan Fogelberg, named before as my inspiration, was only a partial answer. The unabridged answer is ‘People’. People inspire me, and they always will. They make life worth living. Inspiration is a wonderful thing.

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How Did I Learn to Tell Stories?

My steel mill worker grandfather told me stories of Scotland and Ireland, the first world war, and taught me to speak with a good Scottish brogue. Although it's pretty close, despite what my friends think, I never quite mastered it. Any true Scot would wonder if I'm from Australia! But it's fun.

My Dad told me the story of how he flew a disabled bomber back to base and "flew it all the way in," crashing onto the ground, where he was badly hurt. I listened to him tell it a hundred times, taking in every detail, every nuance. I took my dad's injuries from that plane crash and revisited them onto a character in Angels and their Hourglasses / Aerodynamic.

I was hooked, not only by the stories but also by telling them, which gave me my start on the lifelong passion of writing my own stories.

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The move to Maine

Books by J. M. Surra

In the Mid-80s, I left the big city. I moved 2000 miles to rural Maine, where I found myself surrounded with a brand new, colorful cast of characters, an earthy breed of honest, hard-working people who possessed a seemingly endless supply of dry, humorous quips. It's a prerequisite that these be related using the native Downeast accent. I fell in love with the state, and stayed nearly 25 years.


Due to the devastated Maine economy, I bounced around the country following my day job, living in Texas, Washington State, and then Alabama before finally landing right back in my hometown in New York State. I still call Maine my second home, and whenever I can, I steal back to Maine to write, hike the Appalachian Trail, take in the vistas, and visit dear friends.