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Fiction, Sci-Fi & Time-Traveling Novelist

Hello, I’m J.M. Surra.

I have been writing for the last 50 years, but only started publishing novels 10-years ago. The genre I favor is Fiction, and I have a fondness for time-travel. I presently have two new books in the works, the first a drama, the second is a surprise! While my stories carry you away and pull at the heartstrings, I find that my readers tend to be more cerebral; the kind that enjoy not only riding the waves but picking up on the subtleties hidden within the tales I tell. Welcome one and all!

Books by James Surra

Growing Up

I grew up near Chatham, NY, amidst a unique assortment of area writers, musicians, and regular folks.

Just a stone's-throw from the Woodstock area in one direction, and West Stockbridge in the other, my corner of Columbia County attracted many colorful and even bizarre characters, ranging from a bit unusual to the unapologetically flamboyant.

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Books by James Surra

In Love with Stories & People

As a lover of stories and a watcher of people, I take my inspiration from people when creating my stories and characters. I’m never too busy to explore new places. Or to go fishing, riding my motorcycle, or hunting!

You can find all my books on Amazon. They are also available in audiobook format, Narrated by the amazing voice of Chris Roman.